Your Donation Dollar
ACRO is seeking public support for a specific Project:

To redevelop its property at Clayfield for the purpose of creating two new units of intermediary accommodation for homeless people and to create a Community/Assembly area for older citizens to use at a location within Clayfield.

We also wish to remain independent from political, religious and economic interests.

Thank you for considering supporting our work. Your contribution is absolutely vital. Without public support, the valuable work of ACRO would be impossible.

Just as importantly, your support demonstrates solidarity with the people ACRO helps.

By making a regular monthly donation and becoming an ACRO Partner, your support can guarantee ongoing, regular income which is one of the most effective ways for us to plan our operations and respond quickly to social issues while remaining flexible and independent.

You can support our work by calling our office on 07 3262 6001

or sending your cheque to P O Box 440 LUTWYCHE Q 4030 (all donations over $2.00 are Tax Deductible)

We can also accept VISA or MasterCard payments over the phone

Please help with our Clayfield Redevelopment Project
ACRO does not have a history of soliciting financial support from the general public. We do receive government funding and, in recent times, we have become involved in entrepreneurship that generates funds for the Charity. We are of the view, however, that two urgent Projects that requires a considerable amount of money necessitates the support of public benefactors. These Projects would see the redevelopment of our Clayfield property to incorporate limited intermediary accommodation for homeless people and the development, at another Clayfield location, of a facility for older people to assist reduce their social isolation. All donations are tax deductible as we seek your support for these initiatives.

Thank You.

Dr Clive Begg,