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Welcome to the homepage for ACRO, the Australian Community Safety & Research Organisation Incorporated. ACRO is a non-governmental charitable organisation involved in entrepreneurship and delivering programs that assist socially and economically disadvantaged people in its mission to achieve social justice. On this page are links to the various programs and points of interest that help define who ACRO is and what we are seeking to accomplish. Enjoy your stay and consider engaging with this progressive Association through membership, volunteering or via donations.

Social Isolation of Older Citizens

The isolation for our older citizens within their homes and communities is becoming a serious problem throughout Australia. ACRO is committed to developing programs suited to reduce this isolation.

Recreational Opportunities for Young People

Younger Australians from disadvantaged families and others from various cultural backgrounds are being afforded the opportunity to participate in a range of activities designed to develop their social and physical skills.


In difficult economic times, many Australians are struggling in a rental and mortgage market skewed against them. ACRO's supported and assisted housing is helping to reduce anxiety and provide some stability during these times of distress.
Community Development and Strategic Planning

Many communities are fractured with citizens disconnected and paralysed by fear and a lack of information. The challenging mission of reconnecting citizens is at the core of ACRO's community development strategies.

Home Maintenance for the Elderly

We often hear of government committed to the proposition that older people should remain in thier own homes for as long as possible. ACRO's Home Assist Secure project gives a real expression to this goal by providing subsidies towards home repairs.

Innovation in Community Safety

ACRO has a long and distinguished history for almost a hslf century in researching, designing and implementing programs that increase public and private safety. Core to this activity has been strong advocacy for people who are vulnerable within our communities.