An Invitation to Join ACRO

The strength of an organisation can be measured by its membership. Since its creation in the early 1960s ACRO has attracted members from senior levels of the judiciary, police, public service, academia, members of Parliament, corporate entities and the general public. All have contributed to the worth of the work that the Association does. We invite you to consider membership, volunteer engagement and/or financial sponsorship of the work we undertake in social justice.

ACRO is a non-sectarian organisation whose members fervently believe in the principles of social justice and how they can best be applied to the benefit of all citizens. Whilst providing fundamental services for all citizens - in particular, disadvantaged citizens - ACRO also undertakes research and offers advice to government and the community, the implementation of which will enhance opportunities at both an individual and collective level.


I/we hereby request to apply for admission to ACRO Australian Community Safety & Research Organisation Incorporated as an individual/corporate member.

For more information (including membership entitlements), contact us.

Name of Applicant/Organisation:
Date of Birth: dd/mm/yy
Membership Type: $10* - individual
$20* - corporate
$5* - full-time students and Social Security Beneficiaries
Email Address:
Phone (Business):
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Postal Address:
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*Cost (per annum)