Mobilising Older Citizens

Many older people have active and fulfilling lives. There are others, however, who are seemingly isolated in their own homes. This can be a debilitating experience. ACRO has determined to address this issue in a constructive way. Its "Daytripper" project has been successfully operating for a number of years and its decision to integrate alternatives for older citizens at a Clayfield relocation to which they will be transported to meet and participate in a range of activities will greatly enhance options that otherwise may not exist. ACRO believe that people who have actively contributed to their families and community over a lifetime deserve a constructive retirement.

Just because a person is older doesn't mean that they are not capable, nor does it mean that they have lost the ability to enjoy. ACRO has worked with older citizens for over a decade and is committed to enhancing their life choices.

Daytripper Project

Daytripper is proudly sponsored by Australian Unity
ACRO's Daytripper Project is coordinated by Nancy with the support of volunteers Christina, Del and Fay. With the generous support of Australian Unity who have agreed to sponsor Daytripper in 2012, a group of older people are taken on a monthly bus tour to various locations across South-East Queensland. Excursions include visits to the silent movies at Pomona; Winery visits; Mt Tamborine; Bribie Island; Laidley and Government House. The popularity of the trips is such that regularly a second bus is required. The organisation heavily subsidise the venture with the cost to participants (including lunch, morning and afternoon teas) rarely going beyond $20.00. Often these trips are the only outings for older people and wonderful experiences are shared.
Social Isolation Centre

Daytripper with the support of Australian Unity is an important plank in ACRO's plans to reduce the isolation that many older people experience in the community. Plans are advanced for the dedication of a large meeting space at a venue in Clayfield for use by older citizens. ACRO will provide a transport system to enable older people who feel isolated in their own homes to come to this space to participate in group activities; learn new skills; watch movies; make meals; and generally take a constructive and active role in their community. The organisation has committed to the realisation of this venture and is seeking corporate and public support to finance the initiative rather than rely upon government funding. Please go to our "Your Donation Dollar" for details about how you can help build this project.