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ACRO self-funds the majority of its research. We are always looking for supporters who will financially enable us to continue our work. In all cases of ACRO research and reporting, its results have assisted government and the community in the development of new policy or amendment to existing policy.

  • ACRO Newsletter, Edition 1, 2010

    Issue 1 2010

    This issue is the first of our revamped Newsletters and outlines the work of ACRO and its relevance to both social justice and the community. [

    Issue 2 2010

    ACRO Newsletter, Edition 2, 2010

    In this issue we commemorate the "Year of the Ten": ten years of operating our Youth Camps Program; and, our 10000th client through the HAS Program.

    Issue 3 2010

    ACRO Newsletter, Edition 3, 2010

    In this issue we promote the launch of "one to one" and the opening of ACRO Gallery.

    Issue 1 2011

    ACRO Newsletter, Edition 1, 2011

    In this issue we highlight ACRO's newest venture, ACRO Gallery.

    Issue 2 2011

    ACRO Newsletter, Edition 2, 2011

    In this issue we highlight Australian Unity and its support for ACRO's Daytripper Program.