Innovation in Community Safety
ACRO has been a community leader against all forms of intolerance. It has pursued programs and implemented processes that challenge violence in all its ugly manifestations. When community views were being fuelled against young people by the media, ACRO was there to research and debunk outrageous claims. When racist views were being promoted by ill-informed citizens, ACRO was there to state the facts. When older people were being abused in their homes, ACRO was there to remind the community of its obligations. When prisoners were being abused, ACRO was there to lead the charge for reform. ACRO researches, undertakes programs and promotes community development in non-traditional ways and helps reshape aberrant opinions. It is achieving social justice.
Community Safety and Crime Prevention

ACRO has worked with all levels of government to innovate in the area of community safety or crime prevention. Its early research "The Crime of Fear" (1994), a seminal work that demonstrated that fear of crime was well in excess of actual crime figures, led directly to the development of a National Strategy to be known as "Safer Australia". Later research ("Creating Perspective" 1998) created local partnerships of engaged citizens in seven local government authorities in Queensland. Its Staff has presented work throughout Australia and internationally (Egypt 1995; Vancouver 1996; Johannesburg 1998; Vienna 2000; Montreal 2006; Beijing 2009; Osaka 2010). It has considerable experience that it utilises to problem-solve social problems in consultation with affected groups and community members.

Media Campaigns
As part of its arsenal against intolerance and to assist in its vision for social justice, ACRO has always been at the forefront of media debate on a range of issues. In the past it has produced Community Service Announcements (CSAs), some of which are still shown on Australian Television Networks to this day - all of which retain currency and relevance. Some of these are reproduced and can be viewed by following the links below. In addition, ACRO personnel have always been available to provide a "voice of reason" when media discussion begins to deteriorate or becomes one-sided. ACRO shares the view of the majority of good citizens that we are all Australians who believe in a fair go for all.