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ACRO self-funds the majority of its research. We are always looking for supporters who will financially enable us to continue our work. In all cases of ACRO research and reporting, its results have assisted government and the community in the development of new policy or amendment to existing policy.

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UN Conference Vienna 2000

UN Conference Vienna

Published 2000

[Begg, C. (2000). Defending Principles through Meaningful Partnerships. Tenth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders, Vienna, United Nations.]

UN Conference Johannesberg 1998

UN Conference Johannesberg

Published 1998

[Begg, C. (1998). The Politics of Crime Prevention and Partnerships the Real World. Urban Safety Safety for All, International Conference for Crime Prevention Partnerships to Build Community Safety, Johannesburg, International Centre for the Prevention of Crime.]

AIC Conference on Crime Prevention Hobart 1998

AIC Conference on Crime Prevention Hobart

Published 1998

[Whelan, S. and C. Begg (1998). Community Partnerships in Crime Prevention: Citizens Setting the Agenda and Beyond. International Partnerships in Crime Prevention Conference, Hobart, The Australian Institute of Criminology and the National Campaign Against Violence and Crime.]

Chaos or Reason - Community Safety in the Twenty-first Century

Chaos or Reason Conference Brisbane 1993

Published 1993

Proceedings of the 16th. Biennial Conference of the Australian Crime Prevention Council, ACPC, Brisbane, 1993.

Crime Summit Hobart 1993

Crime Summit Hobart

Published 1993

[Begg, C. (1993). Facing the Challenge A Matter of Attitude. Tasmanian Crime Summit, Glenorchy, City of Glenorchy Council.]

Prisoner Conference Perth AIC 1992

Prisoner Conference Perth AIC

Published 1992

[Begg, C. (1992). The Prisoner Class Getting a Job, Given the Opportunity: Having a Future, Given the Chance. Perth, The Australian Institute of Criminology.]

Prisoner Conference Perth AIC 1992

Prisoner Conference HobartAIC

Published 1990

[Begg, C. (1990). The Halfway House for Currently Serving Prisoners, Hobart, The Australian Institute of Criminology.]