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There are always lessons to be learnt from what we have done in the past ..... ...
Most publications and Reports produced by ACRO since 1990 are included on this site. You are welcome to browse these documents. Should you wish to use any material, we ask that you acknowledge with the appropriate citation and/or seek consent for its use.

Creating Perspective
This 1998 publication was a major research undertaking that sought the perceptions and views about public and private safety from 40,000 citizens across seven jurisdictions in Queensland. The results of these surveys led to the creation of Crime Prevention Partnerships and community engagement in the development of public policy and programs at local levels. This is only one of eight publications available. Please find the others via the "Major Publications" link on this page.
Chaos or Reason
The Australian Crime Prevention Council Conference in 1992 produced this excellent collection of Papers on Community Safety and crime prevention.
Serving Time on the Outside
A seminal Survey of prisoners' families was conducted by ACRO in 1988 which contributed significantly to correctional reform in Queensland. This later research document was produced in 2002 and tracked similarities and differences from the earlier study. It was a sad indictment that many problems for prisoners' families persisted almost 20 years later.

The Crime of Fear
The result of a survey of opinions and views of an entire local government authority in Far North Queensland, the Crime of Fear was to become the benchmark for whole-of-government approaches to crime and perception of crime. It led directly to the creation of "Safer Australia", the first National demonstration project engaging local partnerships.
Youth Action Panel Evaluation
The progress of Youth Action Panels in the High School setting was assessed in this publication. Youth Action Panels were designed to involve young people in the discussion of issues of concern to them and the development (by them) of innovative solutions to those problems.
Missing the Mark
Following on from an intense and potentially damaging series of media reports against young people in a Far North Queensland community, Missing the Mark was a research project aimed at assessing the veracity of claims published. The research established that the reports were highly inflammatory and incorrect but that the fear generated in the community against young people as a result of the media reports was extreme.